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How to Contact the 33rd PRS Online

Because of the rise in incidents of computer hacking as well as the malicious spread of viruses via emails, the webmaster has been forced to remove all automatic email contacts from this website. This helps protect the 33rd PRS Online website and our visitors.

We're sorry for the inconvenience that this causes.

However, we still want to hear from persons interested in the 33rd PRS. If you have documented information or photos that you would like to share, we need to hear from you. Original materials are handled carefully and returned as soon as possible. Clear photocopies of original written documentation, such as letters, newspaper clippings, and official documents are also acceptable. Full bibliographical credit is given to all donors.

To contact the webmaster of the 33rd PRS Online, do the following:

  1. Open your email software.
  2. In the "To" line of the email you want to send us, type
  3. Write and send the message.

If you use spam-blocking software that blocks all emails except those you approve, be sure to add our webmaster address to your list of authorized addresses so we can reply to you.

Marketing Disclaimer

The 33rd PRS Online is a privately owned, non-profit website. We neither solicit funds nor sell merchandise. Likewise, we neither donate money to organizations or individuals nor do we purchase items. All email we receive from solicitors and marketers is promptly deleted.

The 33rd PRS Online uses popup windows to present historical information only, and these windows only appear if you click a clearly marked link. We don't use popup windows for advertising. Popup window blocker software may keep the popup windows in this website from displaying. If you click a link, and nothing happens, we suggest that you disable your popup blocker software while visiting the 33rd PRS Online.

Privacy and Security Policies

We don't give out the email addresses, postal addresses, or phone numbers of squadron members, our associates, or friends of the 33rd PRS Online. However, if you want to contact a squadron member or his family, we will forward your postal or email address to that person(s).

You will never receive an email from the webmaster of this site that contains an attachment unless you have previously corresponded with him and have specifically requested material. In that case, a description of that material will appear in the email's subject line.

Here's a few suggestions to help you protect yourself from junk ("spam") emails, many of which contain destructive computer viruses:

  • If you get an unsolicited email and don't recognize the sender's address, delete the email without opening it. Often spam is merely annoying text. However, it can contain viruses that activate if you open the email message.
  • If you open a spam email, don't reply to it or click any link in it, especially links that offer you the option to "unsubscribe" or to be removed from a list. Replying to spam or clicking links in it often validates your address to the sender and verifies that you are a legitimate target for even more spam!
  • Never purchase anything offered in an unsolicited email. Unsolicited emails can be fraudulent schemes to obtain personal information or email addresses which are sold to other spammers.
  • If your email software has an "Auto-Preview" option (allowing you to preview a message without actually opening it), we recommend not using this option. The automatic preview option can activate viruses embedded in the message.
  • Use caution when providing your email address to websites, newsgroups, or other public forums. Spammers use "web bot" software to troll the internet for email addresses.
  • Never give your email address to any person or internet site that you don't know and trust.

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